Follow the Top Ten Ways for Making Husband Happy

How to make your husband happy? Yes, If you are married you should be aware of the fact that making and keeping your husband happy is very important to keep you married life happy and blissful. A happy marriage in this era seems more like a fairy tale as the divorce rates are increasing. Nearly 1 out of 5 people is divorced and this percentage is alarming. Wives are complaining left and right about the shortcomings of their husbands and husbands do the same. But, there are some wives who really want to win their husband’s heart and wish to make them happy. For both husband and wife, it is important to ensure that they focus more on the positives of the spouse rather than the negatives. Now, there is no need to worry how to make the husband happy as you may capitalize on the top 10 ways of making him happy.

Fulfill him sexually and make sex your top priority to make the husband happy:

Sex within marriage is blissful and holy. Sexual fulfillment is the chief requirement of every male and each woman needs to understand this intellectually. Maybe you cook delicious meals, look after the kids and endured action flicks, but you need to care for his physical needs as well.

2. Make your home a heaven

The world may be a tough place, but when the husband walks in the door, he needs to breathe a sigh of relief. Think about the ways of greeting your husband. Is he seeing the back of your head only when you type furiously on the computer screen or do you greet him by saying that you are glad to see him home? Just think about the way you greet your husband when he comes home after a hard day’s work.

  1. Cater to his needs in the best manner

Whether your husband is a foodie or loves to be intimate with you, as a wife, you should respect his needs. His needs may hover around indulging in intimate activities, eating good food, spending quality time with you or with the kids. You should not be defensive when your husband voices some need. Listen to his needs and then act positively.

  1. Let him lead you

The very idea of being submissive has landed many women in the arms of their husbands. But then, you should not become the doormat and submit to him all the time. You just have to respect your husband’s role as the leader and the owner of the home. It is important to weigh the topic and leave everything onto the man.

  1. Kissing everyday

Kissing your spouse is the gesture how much you care for him and love him. It is said that sweet kisses from a wife may wipe away worldly woes and troubles. Then, passionate kissing will boost your marriage as well. It will also rekindle your romance each day. Give him kisses in a way that you are dating.

  1. Look after yourself

Every man wants his wife to be the most beautiful woman in the world. Just move back and reflect how you looked during your dating days. It is only due to the looks and your feminine qualities that he got attracted towards you. For every wife, it is important to make herself attractive to the husband. If you look good, feel good, he will definitely be happy with you. Try to watch your weight and dress elegantly most of the times. If you dress up nicely, it will communicate volumes to your spouse.

  1. Bring back those date nights

It is rightly remarked that date nights are far less pricey than those marriage counseling sessions. One must always stay connected to the spouse by being fun and romantic. Date night will definitely allow you to look forward to something. Always make sure that your date night does not become the family business meeting. Your date night must be enjoyable, fun and entertaining. Crack jokes and make him smile.

  1. The value of a smile

It is rightly proclaimed that a happy wife signifies a happy life. Most of the husbands do agree to this. If the wife is happy, the home will be a heaven. Everyone will get to know when the wife is unhappy and angry. Every day you should look around your home and give a beautiful smile. It is said that when you smile the world smiles with you. The smile must be genuine and not fake. It must be convincing and perfectly project your happy mood.

  1. Try to be polite

Nobody likes to stay with a fisherwoman sort of uncouth and unsophisticated woman. It is important to be polite and kind. Even if there is something you do not agree with, speak kindly to explain the matter. Always keep in mind that words will hurt your husband more than anything else.

Look after your kids

If you look after your children, your husband will notice that and respect you. He will be happy and may focus on his business better. If you are a responsible mother, your husband will be happy and think that his kids are looked after well.

By following the above ten tips you can make your husband happy. They are sure to bring about a glowing smile on his face all the time.

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