Homosexuality and Lesbianism SEX

Homosexuality and Lesbianism SEX

Homosexuality and lesbianism explained to teenagers

Homosexuality and lesbianism explained to teenagers

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Homosexuality is the erotic relationship or persistent and emotional sexual attraction towards someone of the same sex. Lesbianism is female homosexuality.

You have to love homosexuals and lesbians with all intensity, but you have to hate homosexuality and lesbianism. The Catholic Church, unlike other denominations, is not opposed to love between people of the same sex. It is opposed to the obsession, addiction and erotic relationship of those who have defined and committed homosexuality and lesbianism.

The vast majority of homosexuals, lesbians, transsexuals and bisexuals feel guilty about their sexual orientation and would like to eliminate this physical and mental tendency, whether they acquired it out of curiosity, fashion or choice, or voluntarily fostered, realizing it or not. The phrase “coming out of the closet” is one that clearly and publicly communicates to society, homosexual and lesbian inclinations or tendencies, and is usually produced by the pressure exerted by their social group.


They are the ones who know their children best and have to have the knowledge, experience and enough clarity to see those initial homosexual inclinations, as they begin to manifest. They have to be very attentive to the external signs, unmistakable signs of anguish experienced by adolescents and emotions related to these attitudes, often unmistakable, of the deviant sexual tendencies of their children, which usually appear from very young and most of the Sometimes, motivated by the example of other children or by that desire they have in their early years, to copy and experience everything, for each particular case, be very clear and well prepared, when consulting with professionals and can offer them the necessary emotional, family, religious and social support.

It is very important to have well-prepared conversations with the children, to be clear and calm, to know the reality of the situation, no matter how raw, to see how they are developing their sexual orientation.

It is also necessary to investigate all these facets, in the friendships that the children frequent, since that may be the key to wanting to copy or emulate the attitudes of others.

In the case that friendships were dangerous, because of their insistent influence of wanting to involve them in certain attitudes, or that they try to use means to abuse them sexually. Predators know the possible defense against the law that the age, sexual consent, which in some countries begins at age 14. They also have the possible silence of the adolescent, which they have submitted with threats or awards.

The love for the children is demonstrated once again, in the serene and constructive dialogue with them, but that before is solidly prepared, to face all the questions and concerns. That the children feel that they can talk with their parents, is the main step to find the clarity of their concerns. Explain very clearly to the children the characteristics of sexual options, does not mean that you have to support them in the decisions they want to make, because if they are wrong, it is necessary and mandatory for parents, explain them in detail and solid arguments, errors where they can fall based on their decisions.

The definition of the sexual inclination of adolescents, parents can not take it as a game, or as a way to attract attention, or as a setback, not acceptable to parents. It is a very serious and delicate thing, which entails the utmost respect on both sides, as it marks the future and leaves unforgettable signs for all of life, in parents and adolescents.

The parents have to take the measures, in time to be able to modify the abnormal sexual inclinations. They should never proclaim or hide it, they should make the adolescent children see that society will judge them by their attitudes and talents, as well as by the way they practice their human virtues and values. Those who criticize them are the perverse ones, since lesbians, homosexuals, transsexuals and bisexuals may be of psychological origin and doctors and specialized professionals must examine their children to determine it with certainty. Parents, as soon as they realize the problem their children have, should try to eliminate this condition, resorting to specialized professionals.

The example of the parents.

Preadolescent children and adolescents are continually observing the attitude of parents, related to their physical and aesthetic appearance. Excessive behaviors, related to masculinity or femininity, make them copy improper attitudes of their ages.

For the daughters the imitation of the sexual figure of the mother, they are much more confused, because even if it is as a role to follow, they can also have, on the other hand, their own contrary femininity, to what they are seeing in the house. This is usually due to the sometimes overly sporting behavior of the mother or her excessive worship of the physical remodeling of the body, including her clothes, hairstyles, makeup and violent sports, properly masculine.

Preadolescents and adolescents.

During the ages between 12 and 18, depending on the physical and mental age of each young person and the education received, they begin to confuse their sexual identity. Begin the desire to explore and try, in everything related to male and female sexuality, to try to strengthen in its ultimate sexual orientation, although almost never at that age is still final, for life. That’s where they begin to consider their lesbianism, homosexuality or bisexuality.

In those confused ages, it is where the inducers appear, putting a lot of pressure on the fertilized adolescent field, to get proselytes. Most of the time, adolescents are in the hands of the inducers of lesbianism or homosexuality, because they already believe they are older to make their own decisions, without having to consult parents, teachers or spiritual advisors.

Adolescents have to be very well informed and prepared by their parents, teachers and religious advisors, to be able to withstand the enormous external pressures of friends and the media, who continually insist on trying to convince them, that male homosexuality or female, it’s normal. It is not true that everyone can do what they want, without having to care about moral principles or the consequences of their actions.

The grave consequences of homosexuality and lesbianism.

Parents have to explain well to their children, before the homosexual tendencies observed, turn into attitudes, the dangers that they entail for their health, mainly those related to the classic sexually transmitted diseases, syphilis, gonorrhea, infections or disease of the gay bowel, hepatitis A, B, C, D, sphincter rupture, trauma that causes fecal incontinence, hemorrhoids, anal fissure; edema, AIDS, HIV infection, etc.

According to statistics, the life of active homosexuals is reduced by 40% and is more lethal than drugs and alcoholism. Homosexual behavior shows compulsive promiscuity, anonymous sex, sex for money, sex in public places, sex with minors, alcoholism, drug abuse, depression and suicide.

They should let them know that these inclinations will force them to isolate themselves socially from their friendships, that they will get problems of concentration, self-esteem and depression, and that they will feel very different from their relatives, friendships. Even to be objects of ridicule and ridicule. Other serious situations that unfortunately have to resolve, are the rejection and aggression of other groups, social discrimination, to participate in certain sports, be admitted to certain clubs, universities and jobs.

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